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Pure Potions

pp_brand-page_dragons-denPurepotions was founded by Natalie Balmond during her search to find a natural way to moisturise her daughter’s severe dry skin condition. After months of trying to find a solution she took matters into her own hands and formulated a range …of products in her kitchen which now help thousands worldwide.

The brand’s hero product is Skin Salvation which is a moisturising ointment suitable for those prone to eczema and psoriasis and related skin conditions – it creates a temporary barrier against external irritants, feeds the skin with EFAs and regenerates and soothes. They also produce Skin Salvation Bath Oil which is great compliment to the salve and is a fantastic alternative to prescribed bath emollients, providing moisture and protecting the skin whilst bathing.

In addition to the dry skin products, purepotions baby range is 100% natural. Lavender nappy Salve is an effective barrier and repels the dampness that can cause redness. It’s full of essential fatty acids and nourishing oils including Lavender Oil which is antiseptic and soothes the irritation of nappy rash.If your customers are looking for products which actually work – then look no further.

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