Known for nutrition, Seagreens certified human food seaweed products are nutrient dense and rich in minerals. Very easy to use, they add goodness and flavour to any meal, and are widely used in nutritional therapy.

Food Capsules & Food Granules
A unique blend of three of Seagreens wild Wrack seaweeds in fine-ground dried form, Ascophyllum, Fucus and Pelvetia, provides a comprehensive natural balance of nutrients. For
everyday home and professional use as a daily dietary foundation, in special diets and many therapeutic protocols.

Salad & Condiment
Large dried pieces of Seagreens Pelvetia with a mild flavour, especially popular with children and higher in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 than other Seagreens species. Eat as it is, or soak 5 minutes in water for a highly nutritious addition to salads and vegetables.

Culinary Ingredient
A classic to rival Marmite! Pure Seagreens Ascophyllum milled in grains about the size of ground
pepper. Use raw in almost any dish from soups to home-baking.

Iodine+ Capsules
Independent research at Glasgow University showed Seagreens Ascophyllum improving iodine uptake in iodine-insufficient women with no adverse effect on thyroid function, and more prolonged than potassium iodide, commonly used to ‘iodize’ table salt. Iodine contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of normal skin.

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