Savvy Foods

Healthy Savvy Spreads go head on against Sugar and Win a Taste Award!

Savvy is a NEW Award Winning, innovative range of tasty, nutritious sweet spreads. They’re ideal for toast, sandwiches, porridge and ice-cream toppings and what’s more, they’re a much healthier sweet spread option.

Our love for sweet, calorie-loaded snacks has led to the staggering fact that 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children are obese and yet we continue to spend many millions spent on sweet spreads each year. Savvy are set to make a valuable contribution to help fight this health epidemic without compromising on taste.

Savvy is a great NEW alternative to jam, chocolate spread and nut butters. Made with only the finest pure plant syrups and natural (mostly organic) ingredients, with no added sugar, no oil, no dairy, no GMO, no soya and gluten-free. These special, award-winning blends are inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle recipe, where life literally means vitality and so good, healthy food comes naturally.

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