Qi Tea

Independent teas for independent people
Qi (“chee”) is an independent, family-owned tea brand supplying independent retailers with delicious, handcrafted teas for over 22 years – we were the first Organic China green tea on the UK market. We work in partnership with our growers and are involved in every step of the process ensuring our teas are crafted in the traditional Chinese way and processed straight after picking to retain the natural goodness of the fresh leaf. Qi produce delicate, mellow green teas which have no bitterness or aftertaste – ask for a free sample box so your customers can discover this for themselves.
We trade directly, there’s no middlemen or long-term storage, meaning we can pass our savings on to our customers. We enjoy a unique relationship with our growers and support our farmers and invest in their communities, processing our teas at the tea gardens, in our own Fairtrade facility. Our teas are grown by a cooperative of over 400 farmers from rural village communities, high in the Huang San mountains of southern China where the finest teas have been grown for many hundreds of years. ALL our tea is purchased under Fairtrade terms (even those that don’t carry the FT logo!).
We pride ourselves on the quality of our teas and use only the finest ingredients to blend with our teas, using an abundance of real fruits, medicinal-grade herbs and the finest spices. Made with 100% natural ingredients and Vegan registered, Qi’s top quality, fairly-traded, sustainable teas not only taste good, they do good!
Our brand name is inspired from the ancient Chinese for ‘the natural energy of life’, giving balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul.
Qi, all the way from bush to cup, share in our passion for teas to make you feel good!

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