ProVen Probiotics is a specialist and leader in probiotic products, backed up by its founder’s over 30 years’ experience in the probiotics industry. The brand launched in 2012 following ten years of research into the Lab4 bacteria blend used in most ProVen products.

ProVen Probiotics now has eighteen products in its range, supported by sixteen clinical trials, most of which have been undertaken in the UK. The product range has been developed with the whole family in mind and includes research-backed probiotics for all ages and life-stages, from pregnancy through to adulthood.

The brand places research and development at the heart of the operation and is backed by huge investment in clinical trials and its own team of research scientists. This feeds into product development, with new products being released based upon specific research results or identification of a clear market need.

ProVen is the only probiotics manufacturer in the UK to also produce its own brand, using its own proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure stability and bacteria count in each of its products to the end of their eighteen-month shelf life.

ProVen products are stable at room temperature and have been shown to survive stomach and bile acids to reach the intestines where they can be utilised.

ProVen baby products contain a blend known as Lab4b probiotics, which contains strains native to the developing infant gut and is the only group of bacteria with clinical evidence of safety in use in both pregnant women and new-born babies.

The recently launched 50 Billion-ShapeLine product contains a blend of five probiotic strains, known as Lab4P, which includes the four Lab4 strains with ProVen’s own strain of Lactobacillus plantarum. As well as providing all the Lab4 benefits, this consortium of strains has been shown in clinical research to help support weight loss.

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