Original Beans

Original Beans take an ethical approach to producing some of the finest and most luxurious award-winning chocolate in the world.  Founded on the principal ‘What we consume we must replenish’ – for every bar sold, one tree is planted, in order to preserve threatened environments.

The beauty of this chocolate is two-fold: by working closely with small holder farmers to create sustainable environments and livelihoods in South America, Africa and Indonesia, Original Beans is also able to source some of the finest and rarest cacao in the world. The flavours speak for themselves, as each cacao is imbued with the terroir from which it is farmed and combined with only the simplest, purest ingredients to create chocolate of exceptional quality.

On the reverse of each bar is a code which enables consumers to track these conservation projects and see where the trees are planted as a result of their purchase.

Treat yourself, treat the earth

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