Making snacking healthier and smarter!

MOGLi is a brand of truly delicious 100% organic and Demeter certified snacks for kids, originated from Berlin.

All MOGLi snacks, whether fruit based, sweet or savory are made of raw materials coming from sustainable agriculture, i.e. without chemicals, without genetic engineering, without taste enhancer, without artificial coloring agent or preservatives of any kind.

Their nutritional values are adapted to kids’ food diet. They are sweetened using agave syrup exclusively and seasoned just about right. A lot of them are Vegan.

Convenient and packed in the right format, they are the perfect daily companions and energy supplier of active kids and their parents…

Every one of us is unique. MOGLi believes in the individual, and free development of every child. We should all grow up and discover the world according to our own nature, at our own pace. And we all know curiosity makes hungry for more.

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