Kind to the planet, honest to their customers and responsible for their actions.

Fushi, meaning ‘eternal life’, began with the combined cultural heritage of Rannesh and Ria and from Ayurvedic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create pure, natural remedies.

Still following the original recipes and hand blending ingredients in their London workshop today, they use only sustainably sourced, fresh-pressed oils and fresh-ground herbs from this season’s harvest, making the all the products fresh, raw and no more than three months old.

Fushi care deeply about the environment and making sure they are doing their bit for the planet.

Ethically accredited by the Ethical Company organisation, all their products come in earth-friendly packaging including paper tape on parcels, recycled packing material and vegetable inks on their labels, which is less harmful to the environment and easier to recycle. They limit the use of packaging on their products and only use outer unlaminated cardboard boxes (which is 100% biodegradable) on their Really Good range and gift sets. All their products come with unlaminated labels.

Fushi pride themselves on their simple, honest and ethical health and beauty products. Fushi are Soil Association certified, so all products are sourced and produced with the highest organic standards possible. As of 2019, Fushi has received the Cruelty-Free certification.

Fushi’s award-winning range includes beauty & food oils, skincare products, supplements, vitamins and essential oils.

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