Dr. Martin’s

Coconut juice is a real treasure of nature, which is just waiting for you to discover it. Probably the best drink that Mother Nature has to offer. And it is a juice that is unique.

Traditionally, coconut juice is consumed as a natural thirst-quencher. Its often isotonic effect is particularly valuable at high temperatures, such as on hot summer days.

Coconut juice directly out of the fresh young nut has even been used as an infusion solution. This is because the juice in the coconut is completely sterile, contains no known allergens and its mineral balance almost exactly matches the human body.

The composition of phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals is found in no other juice. Just drink Dr Antonio Martins coco instead of water for a few weeks – you will quickly be able to tell how good coconut juice is for you.

IIHF are now exclusive importers of Dr. Martins!

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