Prevent and Treat Cystitis Naturally

Cysticlean 240mg PAC, is a natural, safe product specifically developed to help prevent and treat cystitis recurrence and avoid long-term use of antibiotics.

This high performing cranberry extract ensures infection causing bacteria is stopped from adhering to the bladder wall. With 240mg of active PAC – Cysticlean is up to 6 times as potent as other cranberry extracts. Holds a medical device license and proven medical claims.

The Research
Studies with Cysticlean® with over 200 women and children participating has indicated up to a 87%
reduction in the number of UTI’s with no side effects reported. In a one year period of treatment the children participating in a 2011 study with a leading paediatrician in Barcelona demonstrated an overall 92% reduction in recurrent UTI’s . In a unique 2013 post coital study with women an overall drop of 83% in recurrent UTI’s was demonstrated.

Why So Effective?
In laboratory tests Cysticlean® super strength formulation demonstrated the highest (at up to 90%) anti -adhesive effect against E. coli compared to lower PAC level products stopping the adherence of harmful bacteria to the bladder wall is crucial in preventing cystitis.

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