Bio Health

“The Herb Place” in Kent is home to the herbal specialists Bio-Health Ltd.

The company was set up in 1981 for the sole purpose of producing the first totally additive free range of healthcare products made specifically for independent health food stores.

At the time it was difficult to find supplements free from additives: allergies and food intolerance were becoming better understood and increasingly linked with the growing use of E-numbers.

Bio-Health identified a market for pure, simple, unadulterated food supplements for food intolerance sufferers or those on complex drug therapies.

While we can choose the food we eat, food supplements can contain hidden excipients; artificial colours, glidants, emulsifiers, and bulking agents among numerous other unspecified ingredients.

As a result of the public’s desire to know what food and food supplements contain, the Bio-Health “Pure-fil”®range has prospered.

The numerous traditional herbs listed by Bio-Health include important mono-herbals such as Capsicum Fruit, Chamomile Flowers, Hops Strobile, Motherwort herb, Melissa leaf, Turmeric Rhizome and Dog Rose Hips. In addition a selection of vitamins and minerals complete a range composed of the very best quality healthcare products available.

Bio-Health believes that high dose supplementation is not necessary as high doses are not required in our daily food intake to keep us healthy.

Bio-Health products are formulated to give meaningful amounts of the best quality, purest available, essential constituents, balanced in a way to make a real difference to health and wellbeing.

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