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Acti SnackKestrel Foods has launched Acti-Snack, an innovative range of healthy mixed fruit, nut and seed snacks, in the UK and Ireland.

The range comprises five unique mixes, ‘Sweet & Sour Mango’, ‘Fruit, Nut & Seed’, ‘Fruit & Nut’, ‘Fruit, Nut & Soya’ and ‘Nut Mix’, all of which are gluten free, free from artificial additives and preservatives and designed to meet a variety of sports nutrition requirements.

A totally unique product in the sports nutrition category, Acti-Snack has been developed using Kestrel Foods’ vast experience to deliver an ‘energy on the go’ snacking solution combining health, nutrition and taste.

Acti-Snack products are available in a convenient slim-line, impulse pack – perfect for running belts or saddle packs – as well as the Acti-Snack Power Pack, a re-sealable multiple serving pack format, and multi-pack option for added convenience.

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