Meet the Team

Most of our staff are to be found busily working behind the scenes to make sure that all our customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently. In the following section, we’d like to introduce you to our front-of-house people who you’ll meet or talk to when you contact the company and who will be happy to help you with whatever requirements you may have.


Lisa Bartlett O'Callaghan
Business Development Manager

Lisa has spent her career working in administration. Her responsibilities at IIHF include the production management of our bi-monthly pricelist,READ MORE

all marketing and advertising, HR, product sourcing and negotiation, overseeing transport records and working closely with the directors on a daily basis. She enjoys the variety that every day brings—from the amazing products available to the wide array of people to communicate with: colleagues, international and local suppliers, and customers old and new. Lisa really believes in the IIHF ethos of providing a flawless service with competitive prices, and enjoys seeing the results and hearing about the excellent reputation that IIHF has built in the industry.

Sinéad Ní Ghealbháin
Area Sales Representative

Sinead has been a sales rep in the health food industry since 2003 and with IIHF since 2008. She also worked for many years in the retail side of healthREAD MORE

food and is trained as a physical and nutritional therapist. She is sales rep for the Munster and south Leinster area and is always mindful to “represent” to the best of her ability the wonderful company that she has seen IIHF become. Sinead loves the variety in every day, the people she works with, introducing new products to customers, providing them with information and resolving their issues or queries—hard work but very satisfying! She believes in establishing good links with the customers, ensuring good communication—the key to success in all relationships, helping store managers to expand their product ranges and increasing product knowledge, which in turn increases sales for all. She learns a huge amount from her customers—a kind and warm bunch of people who are always a pleasure to meet!

Oliver Mc Cabe
Independent Consultant

Oliver McCabe joined the IIHF team as an Independent Consultant in July 2017 with the aim of promoting and increasing READ MORE

awareness of the entire IIHF range of brands throughout the independent Irish health food industry. In addition to being a chef, food writer and end user, he also trained as a nutritional therapist, and is keenly aware of the importance of having high quality food products of good provenance widely available through ethical supply chains. He brings this knowledge to bear in his new role. He is Sales Representative for the Dublin, North Leinster, Connacht and Ulster areas and tries to apply common sense and practicality to his role—an approach that was previously instrumental in the transformation of his family’s business, Select Stores in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, into a thriving independent health food store. As a result, he’s passionate about the role the independent health food store can play in educating and inspiring customers to make healthy lifestyle choices. He believes in showcasing what IIHF has to offer through marketing and events around the country and doing so with great heart and soul!

Martina O' Leary
Marketing Manager

Martina started work with IIHF in December 2016. Previously she worked as a Product Specialist for SUSI and as a Fraud Specialist for the RSA. READ MORE

Her role in IIHF centres around Marketing and HR: she produces the Customer Pricelist, drafts reports for both suppliers and customers, and works with suppliers on how best to promote their brands using the various marketing options available. She also draws up all HR contracts.

Martina loves the variety of work that she does as part of her job and also loves working with IIHF’s customers and suppliers!

Kirsty O' Riordan
Marketing Assistant

Kirsty started working at IIHF in August 2018. Previously she worked in admin for Electric Ireland’s Business Centre, dealing with customer queries via email and web chat. Kirsty studied Marketing for five years, graduating in 2017. READ MORE

Kirsty works in the Marketing department: she produces the What’s New section of the Customer Pricelist and manages all of the company’s social media. She also works with suppliers on how to best market their products and brand using the numerous marketing options available.
Kirsty enjoys how diverse her role is and believes everyday is a learning experience. She loves the social aspect that comes with dealing first hand with various suppliers and customers.

Doireann Daly
Telesales Manager

Doireann started working at IIHF in August 2010. Her background is mainly in business, having studied the subject in college. She also has extensive knowledge about health foods and other products as she worked in a health food store for some time. READ MORE

Doireann works in Telesales where she manages the office-based sales team. Her main role is to ensure the daily function of a very busy sales office, delegating duties to employees and assisting them if they need help. She oversees all customer orders and helps to resolve any customer queries.
Doireann has great experience and insight into the workings of IIHF, which she finds helps her on a daily basis. She enjoys being part of such a successful company and finds her role very rewarding.

Nicole Scannell

Nicole started working at IIHF in January 2016. She previously worked in the HR department of Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. Her main role there was to map out training plans and maintain a training schedule for both in-house and external courses for all staff members. READ MORE

Nicole works in Telesales where she processes orders via telephone, fax and email. She also deals first-hand with customer queries, finishes the invoicing of completed orders, and gets all the relevant paperwork ready for the drivers for all their deliveries.
Nicole loves being part of a hard-working and dedicated team. She believes all departments give time to help each other when needed, which in turns contributes to the success of IIHF.


Kelly Spillane
Accounts Receivable

Kelly started working at IIHF in May 2017. Her background is originally in Childcare, but she decided to reskill and studied Business and Law in McEgan College.READ MORE

Kelly works in accounts receivable, ensuring that all invoices are processed and that any jobs resulting from that processing, such as claims, are dealt with. She loves the diversity of the job and being able to work with various suppliers, both locally and internationally.  Kelly feels that there is something new to learn in her role every day, as no two days are the same!  She especially loves the problem-solving aspect of the work and finds that her job is very rewarding.


Denis O'Donoghue
Warehouse Manager

As warehouse manager, Denis ensures that products delivered from our suppliers are efficiently handled andREAD MORE

controlled, from storage and assembly procedures right through to our customers. Denis takes great pride in the work done by the IIHF team and the reputation of our company.

Andrius Rupsas
Stores Manager

A certified computer programmer, Andrius has been working in IIHF for six years. He is responsible for goods-in, goods storage and filling shelves. HeREAD MORE

loves his job because he works with great people. He likes that the smooth operation and efficient set-up of the warehouse makes an important contribution to keeping our customers happy.

Malgorzata Pietrucha
Packing Manager

Originally from Poland, where she worked as a physiotherapist, Gosia has worked with IIHF since moving to Ireland in 2008.READ MORE

Gosia’s work involves all the planning of our pre-pack department, scheduling and supervising the work of the teams on a day-to-day basis, printing labels for own label orders and checking all outgoing stock. Gosia enjoys the challenge of working to deadlines and sending out a quality end product; she really enjoys working with her colleagues, whom she regards as friends, and says she would never move from IIHF!

Stella Switzer
Quality Control

Stella is responsible for quality control in IIHF. Previously, she spent almost two decades working in Munster Wholefoods in variousREAD MORE

aspects of the business such as packing, assembly, goods-in, delivering, sales rep, telesales, accounts and quality control. Stella has been with IIHF since it was set up. She finds that there is something new to be learnt in the business on a daily basis. Her aim is to treat customers and colleagues as she would like to be treated herself, and tries to deal with all work-related issues with that in mind.

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