Clean Lean Protein (CLP) is 100% vegan with a protein content of nearly 90% – over 4 times higher than that of meat, chicken or fish.  Sourced from French-grown Golden Peas and isolated in a patented, all-natural, water-based process – with no additives or fillers – CLP has 50% more glutamine than whey.

Super-charged with plentiful amounts of all 9 essential amino acids, CLP has a pH of 7.8, making it one of very few alkaline protein products available, and its 98% digestibility rating makes it easy on your gut.

CLP is suitable for everyone, contains NO BAD STUFF (free from gluten, dairy, lectins, soya and GMOs) and comes in 4 all-natural flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and cappuccino – as well as unflavoured.  Very low in carbs and fat, it’s the perfect way to keep hunger at bay and contains all the building blocks needed for vitality, repair and muscle growth.


Good Green Stuff (GGS) is an all-in-one supplement like no other! It’s so much more than a ‘multi-vit’, as well as much more than just a greens product!  GGS is a complete nutritional support formula, a super-blend of over 75 essential nutrients in their optimised forms.  Packed into each 10 gram serving are plants foods like spinach, broccoli sprouts, ginger and licorice and all the essential vitamins and minerals in body-ready forms including mixed carotenoids, vitamin E tocopherols, methylfolate, vitamin K2, magnesium citrate, zinc gluconate, selenomethionine and orthosilicic acid.

You’ll find a huge spectrum of meaningful quantities of phytonutrients and plant extracts including cocoa polyphenols, resveratrol, beta-glucans, panax ginseng, gotu kola, rhodiola and ashwagandha. There’re digestive enzymes, two forms of coQ10, lacto and bifido microbiotics, soluble fibre — and still so much more.

GGS is suitable for everyone over the age of 4, from athletes to seniors, and everyone in between. GGS gives you a foundational platform for exceptional nutrition — helping to supercharge your diet and put a spring in your step.

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